haccers against climate change

Welcome to the hacc Webpage

“Hackers against Climate Change” originated as a series of self-organised sessions at 35c3. Since then we have worked with other climate activist groups, supplying them with technical knowledge, as well as trying to raise awareness for the current climate crisis in the hacker community. Feel free to join us on matrix at #hacc:matrix.org, in a regional meetup, meet us at a Chaos event, or even start your own local group!

You can reach our wiki at hacc.wiki or hackersforfuture.org. Feel free to create an account! (unfortunately, spam forced us to turn off anonymous editing)

„Rohdaten statt Propaganda!“
— Arne Semsrott

What we do

„It is our predicament that we live in a finite world, and yet we behave as if it were infinite.“
— Naomi Klein


Similar Groups

„But I warn you that all knowledge seeming innocent and pure becomes a deadly weapon in the hands of avarice and greed!“
— Icculus

We in the Press

For reasons unknown, Le Monde decided to give us, our posters, and Mate, a shoutout in their article about the 36c3!